hey all!

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I am currently in the years of my 30s! & I feel like I have a lot to share already! Steve (my partner in crime) & I are 8 years into our relationship, on our second home renovation; the first being a small condo, and this one, a house.. with a driveway..and a yard!! (anyone who's lived in a condo understands the excitement). Two years later, a complete gut job/ re-design, & we finally have an almost finished home, a giant dog and two cats.. talk about one very, very furry family... They are a lot of fun & you will see them from time to time :). 

Anywho, why I blog. A lot of people say I don't give myself enough credit for the accomplishments I make in my life, & I'll agree, I'm a tad rough on myself. But this year is the year to begin being a little more proud, confident & open. We are home owners,  renovators, DIY-ers, creators, artisans,  lovers, business owners, explorers, music enthusiasts & musicians (sorry, musician, singular. I can maybe play the triangle.. ) So Follow along to see this house come to life & grow, cause we're a pretty fun laid back bunch.

I hope I inspire you! Feel free to leave comments and/or follow me on Instagram!