Hi All!

 I am very excited to share my life through this little blog. I am an Interior designer, renovator, garden hobbyist &  Shop owner with a serious addiction to vintage decor! When you visit you can expect, of course, lots of vintage inspiration, lots of our bungalow reno's, the outdoors, my try at a zero waste home & some life in-between!




I’ve been thinking a lot about what to write as my very first post & what all the perfect things to say would be, and guess what... I got stuck. So I turned to my dog Cooper & asked him what I should tell everyone.. he didn't answer; big surprise. He was no help other than bein' cute :P

My next option, find a little inspiration on the internet. Because well, it’s full of useful information right?! Well, yes & no. There were so many tips & tricks about what to say, which topics to hit, tell em how to, and 7 steps to this and that, put a “quote”!.. and on and on.  My brain went into overload. I shut down, told myself this was a bad idea; it's overwhelming. In that moment I remembered that this was the year to be proud, confident & open.

My first TIP to you, if you are also stuck & catch yourself scrolling uncontrollably, the hours ticking by.. walk away, sit in a cozy corner & think. Let all those beautiful thoughts run through, ignore most of what you've been scrolling past because it’s taking you away from just being you. I decided I am going to keep it simple, be real & raw with you guys about why I decided to start a blog, I feel like it’s a good place to begin…

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Recently, right before turning 30, I experienced the first truly scary moment of my life. I had a panic attack; for no reason, out of the blue. I felt myself getting hot & nauseous, then dizzy, then pale.  My heart was racing faster than a locomotive & then came the uncontrollable shakes. I thought this is it, a heart attack. Steve was out of town for work at the time and I was all alone. Instead of doing the logical thing & calling 911.. I called my mum. It was 2am and I thought (but obviously didn’t really think.. hah) if it really was anything serious she would know what to do. Parents are the best.♡  She knew what it was right away and told me to go outside.  So there I was laying on the deck staring at the stars, doing breathing exercises with my mom. My heart calmed & the shakes subsided. I was okay.  Now anxiety will not be the focus of my blog (even though it’s become a background theme to my days lately), but it is a part of my life and I want to be open about the challenges I face because of it. It's nothing to be ashamed of! If this relates to you in any way, I'd love to hear your story. For me it was a kick in the butt! Forcing me to conquer my fears and get myself out there. So here I am, finally starting a blog like I’ve always wanted! (Que applause & a pat on the back).  :)


So you might ask, what else am I here to talk about?  The only thing I can, my experiences and my passions.  One thing I pride myself in is never being afraid to get my hands dirty (actually I love getting my hands dirty! My nails NEVVERRR see nail polish & are always in rough shape).  

In March of 2016, Steve and I purchased our first real home together.  Ever since we’ve been renovating and building like crazy.  I am an interior designer by trade and Steve is an ex-contractor turned dream creator; of my design dreams that is ♡.  We’re constantly crafting up some new project (So many on the list! ) or renovation plans and we thought it would be a ton of fun to take everyone along for the ride.  And it’s already been a wild ride for sure!  


So here's little sneak of the chaos, in the main area of the house during our demo & a few "almost after" shots! To give you an idea of what we have been up too. I plan to do a timeline post of this giant task, so everyone's caught up,  I'll let you know when that's posted!!

I hope you got to know me a little bit! Thanks for stickin' around, I'm excited to share with you all!

Yours Truly

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